Science of Sewn Embellishments: “Creating Couture Embellishment”, the Book

A lovely review from Samina!

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There have been countless books written on the art of embellishing a cloth surface or adding interest with “in-cloth” fabric manipulation.  I own a few, plus a few more stored on another shelf, and recently became the proud owner of Ellen Miller’s text-book size tome “Creating Couture Embellishment”.   The sheer size of the book distinguishes it from any other I’ve seen on this subject.

Images from the book used with kind permission from the author. Her website: . Use her contact page to find Ellen’s email and other contact information 🙂 .

shelf2 On the left:  400 pages of embellishment instruction, including glossary, awesome list of resources, and index

Right away, the cover got my attention, as any book should.  The image of an artful neckline embellished with feathers is stunning! Inside, we see the full image of the feather-embellished top, and looks quite wearable. Is that a boa? Or…

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